POLAND: Gdansk / POLSKA: Gdańsk

Poland - Gdansk / Polska - Gdańsk

Poland – Gdansk / Polska – Gdańsk

more pictures (click here) / więcej zdjęć (kliknij tutaj)




51 thoughts on “POLAND: Gdansk / POLSKA: Gdańsk

  1. I am incredibly jealous that you are able to visit such spectacular places and so very grateful that you share such beautiful images with the rest of us.

  2. w maju mam być w Gdańsku. Co prawda służbowo ale wierzę, że uda się trochę powłóczyć…choćby po ogrodkach piwnych…takim miejscom Irlandczycy nie przepuszczą

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. I’ve passed your blog link on to friends who will be visiting Poland later this year. Thank you for sharing your work 🙂

  4. Your photos are beautiful, those brilliant blue skies and colourful facades are so spectacular!
    I have had the pleasure of visiting Poland in deep mid-winter but have always wanted to see more. Thank you for the great tour!

    • Your welcome, my pleasure 🙂 I think the best time to visit Poland is Summer (May – September) – more colors, warm even hot, many cafe’s on the streets.

  5. Truly amazing architectural photos (my favorite kind)…. even the greyscale photo has a lot of “color” in it…

  6. Lovely pictures! and city of course. A feeling of the ‘old world’ architecture that I miss sometime. The greyscale image is worth a prize!

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