Sarlat-la-Canéda & Avignon

more photos – click here
więcej zdjęć – kliknij tutaj

8 thoughts on “Sarlat-la-Canéda & Avignon

  1. Travelling Book Junkie 19/01/2014 / 6:43 pm

    Fantastic photos. We visited Sarlat-la-Caneda during the summer months when tourists flocked to the streets all day and late into the evening meaning that we had to fight the crowds to get some photos.

    • traveleum 19/01/2014 / 7:24 pm

      Thanks. Yes, December is a good time to visit Sarlat.

  2. meticulousmick 19/01/2014 / 9:15 pm

    Now that is one lovely looking place, thanks for capturing and sharing, MM 🍀

  3. mytiturk 20/01/2014 / 11:29 pm

    Sarlat, Les Eyzies, Beynac, Carcassonne, Albi, Peyrepertouse, Le Pays de Cathare, Collioure, Nice – some of my favorite parts of France. Thanks for liking my post on part of my 1967 tour of South America and for taking my soul back to France.

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